Elisa Lapenna

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Elisa Lapenna is an arts professional who lives in Camberwell and here she tells us her top five picks from The Camberwell Open

Camberwell Arts Festival image 2 Layered Lady

Layered Lady by Birte Neilson

I loved this piece by Birte, simple and yet incredibly expressive. The muted colours, jagged edges and overall shapes all play to give you a sense of the sitter.


G type ADP copy


G Type, Static Sockets by Helen Shaw

I kept coming back to this work. A still life turning the mundane into the uncanny.





Amazingness # 3: High Walkway, Heygate Estate, London, SE17 by Anna Hillman

This image is how I imagine touchdown on another planet. The texture, pattern and colour are surreal. I’ll certainly be venturing to explore Heygate estate!


GillSmith_City Life



City Life by Gill Smith

This is very evocative, you get a real sense of the giddiness of the metropolis.




Traces by Francesca Centioni

This is captivating for its eeriness. It’s familiar and alien at the same time. Very atmospheric. A road I’ve been down and yet can’t put my finger on…



Elisa Lapenna has worked in galleries and as a studio assistant for YBAs.  She is an arts professional working with high profile artists organising production and exhibitions.