Ma Shakti

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Ma Shakti, a yoga and meditation teacher at Zen Yoga on Camberwell Grove, picks her favourite pieces from The Camberwell Open 2016

morning coffee



Morning Coffee by Gabriela Szulman
Gabriela Szulman’s work brought a smile to my face… we have all had that feeling, right?
How heavy can ones head be first thing in the morning?
Untitled design-30


Roses, Path, Pergola by Lynette Hammant

I was totally absorbed into Lynette’s Roses Path and following the scent of roses I found myself transported into a world of fairies, elemental and plant spirits…natural magic!



Traces by Francesca Centioni

Francesca’s  “Traces” leaves the observer almost suspended in time, between what it was and is next to be, between blurred old memories of what has just been and the fogginess of a mysterious uncertain future…






Kopan Monastery by Tatiana Moressoni

I loved Tatiana’s cute little monks in their maroon robes watching over the mighty Himalayas… beautifully innocent!



Ma Shakti is an artist and mediation instructor.  She is planning to spend the summer in India and will return to teach fortnightly Yoga Nidra classes at Zen Yoga this autumn.
You can see more details here