Richard Watkins chooses his faves from the exhibition

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Richard Watkins ( is a Camberwell creative – who always seems to be hatching interesting collaboration projects. His latest, The Mixup (, has 41 artists from 6 cities around the world getting “mixed up” in each others’ creative process – where each of the 41 pieces gets worked on by three artists. It’s on show at Lumberjack Coffee 6-20th June as part of Camberwell Arts Festival.

I love how the Camberwell Open is putting down roots as a Camberwell tradition. I love the spirit of showcasing the full spectrum of Camberwell’s creative scene – from hobbyists to heroes – all on a wall together. And surely a leisure centre swimming in art is a Camberwell kind of leisure centre.

Looking at the work this year I was especially struck by the characters the artists brought us – and so these are my five favourites.




Animal by Lesley O’Mara

I find this guy quite wonderful. The tone that Lesley has captured. The sadness.



Camberwell Heads 72 dpi copy


Camberwell Heads by Sally Cutler

I like how much Sally does with simple lines- and how the whole piece balances beautifully with the colours. I was drawn most to the four different ladies on the bottom row.





Fish Dish by Carole Shemwell

Although they are all being eaten, I get a strong sense that each of them has a quite distinct
emotional response – from indifference, to watchful curiosity, to wild panic. This one grows and grows on me.



Matthew by David Hopkins

I find this figure intriguing. His position feels a bit strange, but the scene itself doesn’t feel forced – I enjoy the effect.



Magpies by Claudine O’Sullivan

Like so many I’m in love with all of Claudine’s work – and very proud that she is one of the 7 London Mixup artists – but I picked this one because I like the relationship between the two.



aqqCjHPzIf you have time do come down to Lumberjack Coffee ( to see The Mixup – you’ll see work from Beirut, Cape Town, Istanbul, LA, London and Medellin – and Lumberjack does a mean coffee. We have an evening view on Thursday 16th June and an interactive workshop on the afternoon of Sunday 19th.



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