Jade Chorkularb

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Jade Chorkularb

Painting, Film making, Drawing, Mixed Media

Contact: sjjade@gmail.com

Artist statement:

Jade Chorkularb was born in Thailand in 1971, coming to London from Bangkok in 1996. She is a conceptual artist working in diverse media (she has an MSc in Interactive Multimedia) such as painting, sculpture, video, performance and installation. Her works are a reflection of her belief in Buddhism, particularly Anatta meditation (the practice of no self). The works describe in the way she sees life and the way that she interprets the meaning of life. She likes to work in different media if she feels it’s right for that particular project. As a Thai who has lived half her life in London, self-exploration and questioning identity through the prism of an East-West experience are always part of her creative motivation. She likes to explore human states of mind such as desire, fear, illusion or detachment and then try to find explanations through the process of creating art. She also wants her art to be thought-provoking.

Website: http://www.jadechorkularb.com 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jade_chorkularb/
Commissions: Yes