Jessamy Harvey

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Jessamy Harvey

Painting, Printmaking, Jewellery, Drawing, Mixed Media


Artist statement:

In her jewellery Jessamy translates into silver the tactile qualities of textiles, ribbons and trimmings, this might be through capturing lace through etching, hammering or roller printing or by twisting the metal wire to capture the flow of fabric. These pieces are then enhanced with touches of gold and/or vitreous enamel. Since her intense journey into jewellery making Jessamy has become captivated by the process of enamelling and, in addition to jewellery, she now produces one of a kind small works of art using enamel on steel or copper. These can be mounted on wood to decorate the home or on to precious metal so as to be worn.

All manner of found antique or vintage miniature objects capture her attention, so her work also includes an ongoing and ever growing collection of cast charms like fish and elephants or Greek amphoras. These are incorporated into jewellery pieces like bangles or can be added to a personal charm bracelet.

She is a member of Flux Studios, based in Camberwell, as well as of The Guild of Enamellers and the British Society of Enamellers


Twitter: @jessamyharvey
Commissions: Yes