Lesley O’Mara

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Lesley O’Mara


Contact: lesley.omara@mombooks.com

Artist statement:

Animals were the first ever subject matter for paintings and I have found that the visual power of an animal head can evoke more emotion in the human viewer than a portrait of a person. As these imaginary animals stare back at us we can’t help assigning human personality traits and emotions to them which raises questions of anthropomorphism; each animal seems to have a distinct personality.
A dog can solicit empathy more than a human. There is something humorous when a dog is portrayed in the way we would expect to see a human head .

I enjoy experimenting with ways of applying paint and exploring the possibiities of paint. I have developed techniques to apply the paint which avoid using a controlled brushstroke
I trained in portraiture at the Heatherley’s School of Fine Art and then obtained a BA in Fine Art at Central St Martins in 2013.

Website: http://wwwlesleyomara.com 

Twitter: lom2mom
Instagram: lom2mom
Commissions: Yes